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The UK Distributor of High Quality Outdoor Equipment.

We do not sell direct to the public but we are always happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

If you  would like to become a retailer of Meopta products or have any questions you can…

Email us at  info@www.avisum.co.uk

or call us on 01423 780 649

or even write us a letter:

The Old Boiler House
New York Industrial Estate

or simply fill in the form below and click send:

We are in the office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

We will handle all Meopta warranty issues for you – in as timely a manner as possible.

We LOVE your photos – so please send us some that we can share.


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MeoSport 8×25 pocket sized binoculars offer the opportunity to view all the great things in our world while not being cumbersome or bulky to carry on your daily adventures. #ABetterViewOfTheWorld #Meopta #Avisum ...

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Avisum shared Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Red deer roar!. ...

Have you ever heard a deer roar? Fierce battles take place during October, when red, fallow and sika deer all rut to compete for females. Those who roar the loudest and longest tend to attract the ladies - click play to hear their not-so-dulcet tones! 📷 Elliott Neep

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Avisum shared Meopta Nature Observation's photo. ...

Digiscoped Sanderlings between the surf and sea foam. #hermine

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Bank Holiday Weekend Adventures! #Streamlight #TheSiege #Lantern #Avisum ...

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Avisum shared BBC News's American eclipse. ...

American eclipse: Watch live as a total solar eclipse travels across the US from west to east coast for the first time in 100 years. Turn your sound on 🔈 BBC’s Ben Rich was live in the studio taking your questions. Enjoy the the live pictures from the Exploratorium team. #SolarEclipse2017

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