Siege Lanterns



The Innovative Streamlight Siege Lanterns

The Siege Lantern offers decades of illumination innovation and is designed to get you out of any desperate situation.

Fully waterproof and packed with features such as 3 white light settings, morse code SOS signal that lasts for 18 days, and now the New Super Siege is a rechargeable 1,100 lumen scene lantern provides an auxiliary USB power source to charge mobile devices. Its 8800mAH lithium ion battery capacity gives up to four full charges for most smartphones.

With the outer lantern globe in place, the light will float. Use the lantern with or without the outer globe cover. Remove the outer globe and hang the body upside down by the D ring for large area lighting needs. Battery replacement is a breeze with the centre post orienting the battery cover correctly every time. No matter what your coordinates theres a Siege lantern that has what it takes to help you survive.


  • C4® LED technology for extreme brightness.
  • Battery Indicator in the on/off button– Changes from Green to Yellow to Red and then Flashing Red when the batteries are at the end of their useable life.
  • IPX7 rated for water proof operation. (1 metre submersion).
  • 2 metre impact resistance tested.
  • D – Ring on bottom for easy attachment. Spring loaded to fold out of the way when not in use.
  • Ergonomic handle – Makes the light easy to carry and is designed to hook on any edge or bar.

Siege AA – SRP: £34.99

Siege – SRP: £44.99

Super Siege – SRP: £144.99

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